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Welcome to Operation 36!

Join Our 8-Week Junior Golf Program

Adult & Junior Lessons Classes Available

Embark on a golf adventure with our 8-Week Junior Program. This program blends fun and learning, making it the perfect introduction to the world of golf. Embrace the process to develop your skills. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player, if you follow the steps and master the skills we work on, you will get better. Believe in yourself and be confident!

Weekly Coaching Classes (8 Weeks)

Our interactive group classes, based on the Operation 36 Curriculum, make golf learning engaging and easy for your child. We cover 12 skills across 6 levels, ensuring a comprehensive introduction to the game.

Operation 36 Play Days (4 Events)

Experience real golf with our structured 9-Hole Play Days. Starting from 25-yard holes at Level 1, these play days encourage your junior to shoot a score of 36, progressing to larger distances as they improve.


Watch your child’s skills grow! As they advance through the levels, they earn new skills and rewards, boosting their confidence and enthusiasm.


Message us for More Information


Message us for More Information

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