Private Lessons provide one-on-one attention to focus on every part of your game.

½ hour coaching sessions are a great option for a quick tune up or simple basic lesson. Using the ½ hour coaching session a week or so later as a follow up to a full session is a great option.

Full hour sessions are great for a more in-depth and involved lesson. This is the best option for the most improvement and understanding.

Series of Coaching Sessions

Save by signing up for multiple coaching sessions at one time. Save $30. Work on different aspects of your game or concentrate on one.

Private Lesson Pricing
  • Adult – $45 ½  hour session   $80 full hour session
  • Junior – $35 ½  hour session   $60 full hour session
  • Sign up for 1/2 or Full hour private coaching sessions.
Package Pricing
  • Adult – $210 – (3) 1 hour private coaching sessions
  • Junior – $150 – (3) 1 hour private coaching sessions

Playing Lessons

Playing Lessons are a great way to receive coaching out in the elements of the golf course. 

$249 – 2+ hours – Full 9 holes – Includes all course fees.  Learn how to bring your skills to the golf course during on-course playing lessons. Session begins on the range to warm-up, chipping, and putting green to get a feel for the speed of the greens. Learn to develop a pre-shot routine. Recognize and understand what your tendencies are. You will learn and develop the skills to manage your game.